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I strongly believe that just as our body, also our soul is inclined towards healing. At every stage of life, we have the strength and ability to change and manage life situations the way it will allow us to live full and meaningful life.

Neta Korazim, LCSW

I am a licensed clinical social worker and a psychotherapist working with mostly with adults and adolescents. I earned my Master degree in Social Work at the Commenius University in Slovakia and Psychotherapy training at the Tel Aviv-Jaffa Academic College in Israel. Additionally I am licenced by the Wingate Institute in Israel as a therapy horse riding instructor and in past two years I am training in  Accelerated Experiential Dynamic  Psychotherapy at the AEDP Institute.

I have been doing therapeutic work for over twenty years, currently I run my own  practise in Israel, I am also available for on-line sessions. In addition to my private practise, for the past decade I work with young adults at-risk.

Who is the therapy for

for anyone who chooses and is willing to enter the therapy process. Anything and everything that bothers you and comes up is important for the proces; if you struggle with self doubt, feeling insecure, experience anxiety, feeling frustrated or stuck.

More about me

In my work I use different therapy techniques to suit the needs, difficulties and goals of each single client. In the therapeutic work, in addition to the conversation, I focus on experiencing emotions and physical feelings that influence all aspects of life. While my approach is primarily experiential and emotion-focused, I incorporate elements of Cognitive-Behavioral approach, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness.

Therapy is in my eyes is a journey. This journey takes place in welcoming space and safe connection that allow us to openly and non-judgmentally observe difficulties, barriers and pains. I believe that in this kind of environment we will find a way to a desired change and a more meaningful life.

I offer session in Hebrew, English and Slovak, in person and ONLINE.

The decision to start therapy is sometimes accompanied by hesitation and uncertainty. I invite you to take the first step by yourself and contact me. From there on we will walk together.

 I look forward  to meeting you!

:I help my clients with

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Phone no.: +972547642135